The Manifest Whiskey Project was an early concept thought up by the founders as a secondary line of spirit that could bring unique, quality sourced whiskey to market. Every year we will release a new selection of barrels that will range across the whiskey gamut.

MWP #1: 2016

This release showcased easily one of the best American whiskey offerings; Bourbon. We stumbled across these twelve barrels of high-rye bourbon which originated at the old Seagrams facility in Lawrenceburg, IN. We purchased them as a nine-year-old bourbon where they finished aging in our facility.

We teamed up with Blake Riber from to join in the adventure. Our entire team tasted through all 12 barrels and selected 5 that easily stood apart on their own. Those 5 were released as a single barrel bottling. The remaining 7 barrels were blended in varying degrees to make up our small batch release of this label.

MWP#2: 2019

The 2019 release was just as good. 2,000 gallons of Intuition Ale Works’ Underdark Stout were utilized, which was distilled on a copper hybrid pot still and put away in 53-gallon, char #4 casks for a little over 2 years. ⁠

THE RESULT: An American single malt whiskey with a nose of saltwater taffy, nougat, and cordial cherries carrying through on the palate with mocha, toffee, and cocoa.⁠ In December of 2019, all four barrels were released, as a blend, around 94 proof.

MWP#3: 2021

This third release of the Manifest Whiskey Project is a collaboration with Drink Seelbach’s craft spirits. We procured 315 gallons of a blend of 10-year-old and 3-year straight bourbon whiskey, which was solera-aged in 4,000-gallon foeder in Tennessee. On the nose, there are bright cherries, orange zest, and maple syrup, which progresses to cinnamon and candied cherries on the palate. It finishes with classic rye spice and raw almonds. This was aged a minimum of 2 years.

We are always on the lookout for exceptional examples of whiskey and look forward to bringing you future selections and blends.