79.5 Proof

40 ABV

Fernet: the bartender’s handshake. This beautifully bitter herbal liqueur is quite polarizing; some people love it while others hate it. What is it about this style of Amari that draws some people in while leaving others with scrunched up faces like they just ate a lemon? Whatever the case may be, we love Fernet and can’t get enough.

This project started with months of research to determine the similarities and differences between Fernet made in Italy and other parts of Europe, versus the ones made here in the United States. Once we determined what was possible, we started experimenting with recipes.

One thing was very clear during this process: we wanted to make something unique. We didn’t just want to recreate a recipe that was already on the market. That was done through the use of 21 botanicals and over two weeks of maceration. No artificial flavorings, colorings or additives were used. Minimal filtration was utilized to preserve the weight and mouth-feel of the Fernet. Our goal was to create the first “sippable” Fernet: deep, rich and complex, while still maintaining the essence of the spirit.

Fernet Manifesto, Florida’s first Fernet.

Fernet Manifesto