59 Proof

37 ABV

When releasing the 2nd batch of the Single Origin Coffee Project, we wanted to continue the collaboration with Bold Bean Coffee Roasters and The Buffa Bittering Company. This release highlights coffee from Luis Noguera in the Narino region of Colombia.Like our first release, which featured Guatemalan coffee, this batch uses ingredients grown natively in the region of Narino, Colombia. We chose Lulo, a native fruit, Bananas, cinnamon, cacao nibs and a touch of panela syrup. ⁠This coffee is bolder than the previous release, which is why we chose a fruit-forward recipe to help balance out beans.⁠The package design is unique to this release, featuring locally sewn bags made from the sacks the coffee was transported in. Because the first batch was well-received, we've double the amount of bottles in this release to 660+ bottles.

Single Origin Coffee Liqueur Batch #2